Customer Service Chat Shuts Down Real Quick When Things Turn Awkward

Customer Service chat windows can be really convenient, but I also find them to be a little creepy too. You don’t know what the person looks like or sounds like but are confiding in them to help you with your problem. Add a mistake in spelling and things can get real awkward real quick. In this particular case, one customer service agent made quite the flub after meaning to type the word “sec”, which accidentally came out as “sex”. Daniel’s follow up to the agent’s correction is classic. Her response is even better.

To be fair, “Jill” here made the first joke about her flub and Daniel was just following up on it. He even made the same winky face she did. But I guess she didn’t take much of a shine to his charm and immediately shut down the chat with a notification asking him to “Please refresh your browser to reconnect with a new agent.” That’s worse than getting shut down at a bar.

Let’s hope Daniel had better luck the next time around. Hilarious.

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source: Elite Daily