Florida Man Killed For Texting During A Movie. Oh, Florida.

On Monday, a retired Tampa police officer shot another man to death for texting in a Florida movie theater.  Before you celebrate, this isn’t the good version of the story where some loud mouth gets his come uppance for annoying the rest of us during a movie.  Curtis Reeves, a 71 year old retired police captain, told Chad Oulson, 43, to turn his phone off, and when Mr. Oulson refused, Curtis Reeves pulled out his .380-caliber handgun and shot the man to death right in front of everyone. 



The film in which brought these two men together was the new Mark Wahlberg movie Lone Survivor. It’s weird, I thought everyone who carried guns would be off seeing Saving Mr. Banks.  Disney did kill Bambi’s mom afterall.


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This is the kind of movie that REALLY sets the murder mood.

The kicker to the whole story as if that weren’t enough is the movie hadn’t even started yet.  That’s right, the old fart wasn’t missing out on anything besides the coming attractions.  Oh, did I mention this occurred in Florida??  Okay, good, I did.  Just making sure.


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Chad Oulson’s wife suffered only minor injuries.  I guess you could say she was the lone survivor of the attack.

Florida is becoming the Disneyland of violence these days.  I’m sure this guy will be found innocent and get a billion dollar book deal.  But seriously, what kind of man power will it take to literally sever Florida from the rest of us and let it just float away.  We can grow our own damn oranges.

– Todd Spence (twitter)