Cuddlr Is The Insane App If You Want To Cuddle With A Complete Stranger

For those of you on Tinder who have had about enough of the douchebag messages, maybe it’s time to switch up online dating services. But is Cuddlr the answer to all of your not-here-for-a-hookup prayers?

In order to find someone to cuddle with, or for someone to find you, all you have to do is download the app and create a profile with of course a picture of yourself. I mean, no one is going to want to cuddle with someone without seeing their face, you could be a CHUD or a goblin or something. Don’t be insane.

Daily Mail reports that if you see someone on the app that you do want to cuddle with, you send them an invitation. Okay, now that’s pretty romantic. If they accept, you’re given directions to where the person is so you can meet up…and cuddle. Oh my gosh, it’s like Sleepless in Seattle! Nothing bad can come from this at all.

The app says that it’s biggest benefit is they are all about the “no pressure intimacy”, but, hold on, let me get this straight. Essentially no one is going to want to cuddle a stranger in public so I would assume the cuddling would occur in someone’s home. Which to me would be an even bigger invitation for intimacy versus Tinder which isn’t a word suggesting ANY intimacy at all. With Cuddlr, by accepting, you’re almost guaranteeing someone the right to hold you to some extent, on an intimate level. I mean the site isn’t called “HandShakr”. Which, by the way, I just copyrighted.

All I’m saying is I could see some nut getting the A-OK online and if the meeting doesn’t go well and someone wants to bail on the cuddle, well, I can’t see that going so well.

At least at the end of the cuddle you get to rate it, right? Unfortunately “He tried to kill me” isn’t one of the choices.

So single people, I’d say skip this one. At least with Tinder you get to filter out the douchebags immediately without having to get in your car. Most of the time anyway.

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source: Daily Mail