Cuddle Con: Non Sexual Cuddling Convention Hits Portland For Valentine’s Day

Cuddle Con is kicking off this weekend on February 14th, Valentine’s Day and it hopes to unite folks in need of a good hug.

The convention will last for 12 hours where participants can hug and cuddle with total strangers in a strictly non- sexual way. More than 100 people will be attending the convention for some positive physical touch.

While for some people the whole idea of Cuddle Con might not make sense, it all starts to come together when you learn that it is taking place in Portland, Oregon.

Fred’s head just exploded when he heard about Cuddle Con. Portlandia writes itself.

The event was orchestrated by Samantha Hess, a “professional cuddler” who owns and operates a shop in Portland called Cuddle Me Up. She says that a lot of people may not be in a romantic relationship, but still need the healing, positive power of human touch. Here she is explaining her cuddle philosophy:

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They have a cuddle studio in the back where you can come in for sessions.

While non- sexual cuddling is taboo in our culture, it’s all about perception. According to her website human contact is important:

“For one reason or another, many of us do not get the level of human contact that we want or need in order to be our optimal selves. I would like to help bring this into your life. When you have what you need, life is amazing!”

His Arm Is Cuddling Her Boob Platonically

So she is getting paid money to hug people and even turned it into a convention; brilliant. I have a lot of questions, like; what’s the ratio of dudes to ladies going to be at Cuddle Con? What happens if someone gets, um, too “excited” over cuddling?

All The Fun Of Foreplay Without All That Icky Sex Stuff

While other stores have sprung up around the country advocating for non – sexual cuddling, what are you to do if a cuddle store is not near you? There is even an app for that! Interested in finding a cuddle partner with your clothes on? Then download… Cuddlr- the app for people who want to skip all of the hassle of dating and dive straight into a sexless marriage.

Man Sized Baby? Now We Are Getting Into The Fun Stuff

For those lucky enough to attend Cuddle Con in Portland on Valentine’s day there is a whole list of cuddle related activities for them to get cozy with:

  • Safety, Communication & Consent

  • Cuddling Classes with celebrity professional cuddler Samantha Hess & a LoveTribe Snuggle Party

  • Massage Classes with celebrity massage therapist Meagan Holub, founder of The Love Lab

  • Partner Yoga and AcroYoga with Diamond Mike & Tempos Acrobats

  • Dance Lessons for Newbies & Pros Alike

  • Fun, Games & Laughter

  • Piggyback Rides

  • Pillow Fights

  • VIP After-party (Award-winning Entertainment at “The Dance For Romance” and “Poetry For Passion” poetry slam)

  • Snuggly Surprises

Man – Baby Doesn’t Care Who He Snuggles With

So do you think it’s possible for two adults to snuggle with zero sexual desire? This person seems well intentioned, let’s just hope no one ruins the cuddle party.

This One Is From The Cuddle Kamasutra

Source: CNN

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