Creepy Clowns Frighten Residents Of Wasco, California

There is an insane clown posse on the loose and they haven’t even put on a terrible rap concert for meth heads. The residents of Wasco, California aren’t sure what to make of bizarre sightings this past week of creepy, horrific looking clowns that roam the streets of their town at night.

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An Instagram account is detailing the nightmare fueling clowns who seem to have a few tricks up their polka dotted sleeves. Wasco police have said they are not aware of any clown crime occurring against the non-painted, or any clown on clown crime for that matter.

What’s the worst part about being a clown? Getting the blood stains out of your costume.

Some folks are red in the face over the whole thing and it’s not from face paint. An apparent copycat clown later emerged in Bakersfield, California where authorities were a lot less welcoming of their ballooning clown population. That’s because one night some of the Bakersfield clowns chased after a group of teenagers, leaving one young lad not so much full of smiles as full of fear. Some of the clowns are even carrying baseball bats and machetes, leading residents to make over sixteen incident reports to police. It must be terrifying in the morning to discover giant shoe foot prints in the dirt leading up to your bedroom window.

Coulrophobic is the fear of clowns; also known as having the correct reaction.

Serial killer John Wayne Gacy ruined clowns and crawl spaces for everyone when he murdered 33 young men and stuffed their bodies under his house back in the ‘70’s, while moonlighting as “Pogo The Clown.” He really wasn’t clowning around.

He puts the Jug in Juggalo.

While police in Wasco are down with the clown, Bakersfield PD have told the Los Angeles times that “we will make arrests on this.” That seems pretty discriminatory toward creepy clowns. I understand the one clown may have gotten out of hand frightening the kids, but arresting them for what? Assault with a deadly balloon animal?

A Guy From The Wasco Tourism Office Is Up To The Whole Thing

How would you feel if you saw some of these “killer” clown out on the street randomly late at night, like what these guys pulled off in this video;

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