Creepy Clown Perpetrators Arrested For Making Terrorist Threats In Alabama

While in past years creepy clowns have been known to frighten small townsfolk with sinister pictures all the way from Wasco, California  and Staten Island to a town in France, things have recently taken an even darker twist.

Creepy Clown from Wasco, CA in 2014.

A group of “Creepy Clowns” in Alabama really upped the creepy clown game by making what authorities are calling “terroristic threats” to the Flomaton, Alabama High School. Damn, why can’t they just stick to making toddlers cry with balloon animals?

Facebook “Klowns” 2016.  You know they are psychotic because they spell clown with a “K.”

Facebook accounts under the name “Flomo Klown” and “Shoota Clown” posted threats  saying that the clowns were going to “show up” at the school campus. This led to a school lockdown last Thursday with local police doing a security sweep of the campus. Even if the clowns were not going to perpetrate physical violence on the students, I’m guessing authorities didn’t want kids to be traumatized mentally from seeing a clown in school.

Someone has been listening to too much Inane Clown Posse again.

The good news is today we can report to the nation and the world that the militant clown cell has been captured. 22-yearold Makayla Smith of Flomaton, Alabama was arrested along with two unidentified juveniles for making terroristic threats.

She is being held by police on $200,000 bond and is barred from using any electronic device with the Internet. No internet? These police really weren’t clowning around.

While this social media clown terrorists have been brought to justice, we must remain ever vigilant against radical clowning.  As we head into October and Halloween time I fear there will be more creepy clown incidents. Hotbeds of creepy clown activity have sprung up across the country this year with children and schools in North and South Carolina being targeted. Some kids have said that creepy clowns are even trying to lure them into the woods. That is why as a nation we must be vigilant. You see a coworker suspiciously putting on too much face paint during the day? Don’t let political correctness get in the way of justice. If you see something, say something.

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