“I Will Always Be Watching You!”; Man Finds Creepy Note Hidden In His House

It’s fun to leave random notes for friends, hoping they will discover them weeks if not months later but one homeowner found a creepy little note from a person written 15 years earlier buried underneath the home’s fireplace. The note ends with “…I will always be watching you!.”

Hard to tell if the “L8ERS” part is creepier than the “watching you” part or just comical. Regardless, when you find a note like this, and signed by the person who wrote it, you have to investigate. Assuming that is the person’s real name.

Time to put on your detective hats, folks! Or…just simply try to look up the name on twitter. Man, the Scooby Doo gang could’ve had it easy in 2016.

Alex Moss was doing some home renovation in his bedroom when he found the note after replacing the floor. The bedroom also has a fireplace (fancy) which is where Moss found the note, hidden underneath the fireplace’s concrete. Moss then of course posted the note to Reddit and Twitter, at first sharing how creepy and random the note was. Moss then decided to persue actually finding Darren Lucas, the person (assuming then a child) who had written and signed the note 15 years earlier.

Having our bedroom floor replaced. Opened up the fireplace and was met with this… #finddarrenclucas #manchester pic.twitter.com/e8mlDSopqC

— Alex Moss (@alexmoss) March 11, 2016

Thanks to the power of the internet, Darren Lucas was found. Luckily, he wasn’t some Sloth like monster living in a dilapidated house with only a bag of lunch meat and binoculars to keep him company.

Darren Lucas was in fact just a normal person who left the note as a joke and meant no harm to whomever found it. Darren tweeted back to Moss, saying…

@alexmoss I’m not watching I promise.. Enjoy Guest Road. What a house.

— dclu (@D_Clucas) March 11, 2016

Moss and Lucas exchanged positive comments about the note with Moss even asking if Lucas would like to see the updated look to the house he grew up in. Lucas declined saying he would like to just preserve the memories he had in the home located in the UK.

The two then parted internet ways until Lucas then tweeted a message, much like the final moments to a thriller, a few days later.

Hope he doesn’t find the other letters

— dclu (@D_Clucas) March 15, 2016