Creed Singer Scott Stapp Says He Is Broke And Homeless

Creed singer Scott Stapp came from very humble beginnings before he found a spot on the charts with that song that most people probably mistook for an Eddie Vedder solo career. Now he’s back to those humble beginnings, according to a posting on his Facebook page.

A shot of Creed singer Scott Stapp in his heyday or whatever his fans would call it. 

Stapp said in the video that he spent all the millions he made from his music career and that he’s broke again. The only thing that’s keeping him from being completely homeless is a room at the Holiday Inn that he now calls home. 

He’s so broke that any digital image he appears in now looks like it was shot with a 16 mm, black and white camera. 

So how did all this happen? He claims that a financial audit on his record company and his personal finances is to blame for his financial troubles. He said he discovered that some people stole money from him and the record company and that he hasn’t been paid many of the royalties he’s owed for his songs. He should just consider himself lucky that he doesn’t owe us money for getting that “With Arms Wide Open” song stuck in our heads. Shoot, there it is again.

Watch the whole video here:

Source: Variety

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