A Co-Creator Of The Ice Bucket Challenge Has Died

MichaelKolander by MichaelKolander on Aug. 21, 2014

Corey Griffin, who helped the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge become a viral sensation, died last Saturday while swimming with friends off the coast of Nantucket. The 27-year old dove into the water off a popular diving perch, and resurfaced once before disappearing. He is said to have suffered two crushed vertebrae during the dive.

Griffin became involved with the ALS charity when his longtime friend Pete Frates was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease back in 2012. Along with Frates and Pat Quinn, Griffin helped make the Ice Bucket Challenge a viral phenomenon that attracted heavy celebrity support and raised $22.9 million for the charity.

As with anything that becomes popular, the Ice Bucket Challenge has its detractors (although most of them are probably trolls). And truth be told, watching a bunch of rich assholes jump on a bandwagon does get annoying. But regardless, in just 27 years, Griffin ended up doing more to help others than most of us could accomplish in ten lifetimes, so even if you're not a big fan of the IBC, this guy deserves a lot of respect. It's a shame to see him cut down in his prime. (Source)

ripsteele User

That's a lot of money to receive to have not cured anything yet

nufsedd User

Gee. He died doing something stupid. How unexpected!

joasis User

i don't care what you say, i'm NOT taking the "dive head-first into shallow water challenge. And i'm NOT sending anybody money for not doing it either.

AndrewST User

Cut down, seriously Break? The guy dove off a rock into the water and smashed his face into the rocks below the water. He wasn't "cut down", he did something stupid and died. 

Growing up in Oregon all we did in the summer was cliff diving and swimming in very large and very deep rivers. We ALWAYS checked water conditions and below the water under all our dive points, every trip. Why? Things move in the water, rocks and logs that weren't there before can move in.....

Yea, sorry, the guy died, but he wasn't "cut down".

ObamasPubes User

27% of the money raised goes to research.


Got to love any "Not for profit" charity where the CEO makes more than the President of the United States. We should send her more $$ so she can spend more of it on Marketing and publicity so she (the CEO) can get even more $$ for herself!!

DoucheBaggins User

You can say he's been put on ICE....YEAAAAAAHHHHHHH

Frisco-galt-1982 User

im glad things get attention once some yuppy's friend gets sick.

moloboe User

And next, the firecracker between the toes challenge