We Ink You A Merry Christmas With These Crazy Christmas Tattoos

Christmas may come but once a year, but a tattoo is forever (or at least until you get it removed to get rid of a drunken bad decision.) If you’re all about the ink, and Santa is your favorite jolly man, then these Christmas tattoos should jingle your bells.


If Chevy Chase is a must on your seasonal list, you’ll like this one commemorating a holiday movie to remember.


If Tim Burton is more your kind of movie, this one is no nightmare.


Which was a better idea – when the kid stuck his tongue on a frozen pole or when the person who got this tattoo decided to remember the movie forever?


This one gets points for style and location. And possibly frostbite.


This one is definitely provocative.


May the force and some strong egg nog be with you.


These might not officially count as Christmas tattoos, but hopefully you won’t mind if we feel they are worth checking out.


Somebody’s been naughty this year.


We’re not sure if this is Comet, Cupid or Rudolph, but we are positive it’s both funny and in bad taste.


This Santa has a love for toys…and utensils.

2 santa

Sexy or does she look like a ho ho ho? You can decide for yourself, but if nothing else, it was an effective way to get a cheap plug for a website.