How Much Weight Can Your Crotch Lift?

Check this out, maybe when you’re not at work or around your grandma –

That’s a man lifting three cases of beer with his junk. Once he gets the three airborne, he swings ‘em around like he’s the Liberty Bell complete with the crack.  Now it’s amazing in and of itself that this dude is waving stuff around on his junk, but the bigger issue is why?  Why is this happening?

When’s the last time you tried to test the tensile strength of your genitals?  Or their crushing power, lifting power, velocity, density or anything else that could potentially result in you peeing through a tube for the rest of your life?

For whatever reason, this is a thing in Asia.  This German video from 2012 is made all the more fascinating if you don’t speak German and just have to guess at what’s happening when dude’s start pulling trucks with their goody bags.

Apparently it’s a thing Russians do as well, with the help of Joe Cocker

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if any of our readers do this, professionally or just for kicks, please comment and let us know what lead to such a curious hobby and what happens to people who fail at it.