Amazing Footage of a Helicopter Rescuing a Crane Operator Staff by Staff on Dec. 17, 2013

A crane operator got stranded when a huge fire broke out in Kingston, Ontario earlier today. The fire originated in an apartment building that was under construction and it had spread to the base of the crane.

With smoke billowing to the heavens, a helicopter came to the rescue.

The man was at the end of the crane in order to avoid the fire.

The helicopter came from an air force base in Trenton, Ontario.

The smoke in the area made this rescue even more dangerous.

This expert crew was able to hit their target on the first try.

It took only seconds for the crane operator to be lifted to safety.

Thankfully, this man only suffered minor injuries during the ordeal.

Authorities are still battling this fire but no deaths have been reported and it appears as if everything is now under control. Check out a video of this amazing rescue from a different angle:

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OMG!  I like sushi.

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good thing michael j fox was around to film this.

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Kingston looks just as crappy as I always thought it might! And that flat-lander Canadian language! SO good!

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This should put an end to the whole 'crane vs. sky crane' debate.