This Girl Made A Craigslist Post Trading Sex For Harry Potter Theme Park Trip

A lot of die hard fans of Harry Potter gloat about their endless knowledge regarding the films and books but no Harry Potter fan could possibly compare to THIS girl who posted on Craigslist begging someone to not only buy her tickets to the Harry Potter theme park, but just her overall trip in general in trade for some filthy yet magical sex.

Of course, if you’re insane enough to even consider this let alone front the money for the tickets, hotel AND food, you’re also stupid enough to not realize she’ll just take you for everything you’ve got and run the hell off with it for a day in the park, ya know, by herself. Frankly, if you need to get laid bad enough, just buy a prostitute then there will be no question as to if you’re REALLY going to get those “sexual favors in the morning and at night.”

But the poster was at least nice enough to have a few photos in her ad with her Potter scarf covering up her naughty bits. However her Potter scarf does belong to the house of Slytherin, which is a clue to how evil this whole transaction could really get.

Even though the position is apparently filled and the original post has been removed, the question remains would you ever consider entering into this type of agreement? If so, you have more problems than you realize, you Dumbledore.