Real Craigslist Ad Is Seeking Companion For The End Of The World

If you’re one of those people who believe they know that the world will end in their lifetime, you’re a little less crazy than you’d normally seem. We’re constantly at the brink of war. Some strange disease is worming its way around the world. Tyler Perry is still allowed to make movies.

That doesn’t mean that you’ve completely left “Crazy Town” but you’re at least packing up your things and asking your neighbors to keep an eye on the place while you’re out of town. There are a large swath of doomsday preppers who are actually taking steps as we speak to prepare for a life in a post-apocalyptic landscape by building underground bunkers, stockpile non-perishable foods and even remodeling their cars to look like it’s going to be used as a set piece in a George A. Romero movie. One of these preppers has everything he needs for a life after almost life on Earth is exterminated – except a friend.

We’re sure the guy who built this got a lot of practice at building forts with his couch.

Someone posted an ad on Boston’s Craigslist page looking for someone else to move into his doomsday shelter so he won’t be alone when he emerges from it to find that he’s the only man left on Earth. The unidentified “Omega Man” claims that the Ebola epidemic will bring about the end of humanity and he’s got a very tastefully decorated shelter to live in but he needs someone who is “fertile and able to bear at least three children with me should we find ourselves in a situation where a decade or more passes before it is safe to emerge.” He’s also hoping for someone with “small arms experience or hunting experience” because you’ll definitely need to keep a firearm handy around someone who sounds this unstable.

The interior is tastefully designed and gives off a flair of charm and sophisticated that even the most raving paranoid can appreciate

We get the feeling that this isn’t just about prepping for the end of the world. This sounds like the most elaborate plan ever conceived just to get laid.

But more importantly, if the end of the world happened next week, would you call this guy up?

by Danny Gallagher