Courtney Love’s Isolated Guitar Track Proves How Talentless She Is

Some people are fans of Courtney Love and enjoy her contribution to music. This engineer who was in charge of recording a live Hole performance is not one of them. More on that in a second.

Recorded in 2010, recently he released the isolated audio and guitar track of Courtney Love in order to prove how talentless she really is. The audio you’re about to hear is so amazingly awful, you’ll think it’s fake. Yet it is 100% real.

Aside from her out-of-breath vocal performance (she is 50-Years Old after all), her guitar playing is SO bad, it sounds like she’s not even playing anything close to the song at all. In fact, it sounds like a toddler just picked up her dad’s guitar and started strumming it. I know holding a guitar looks cool, but it’d be nice if you learned it as well.

But back to the audio engineer who released the audio. The man had a bone to pick with Hole’s crew, stating “I was hired through the venue to record this show (including many others throughout that week) and was then left standing with a hard drive and an invoice no one seemed to want. Four years later I still have the files and not really any idea what to do with them. But I like to share. So here we are.”

Here we are indeed. He goes on to say, “To address the most obvious, inevitable question that I will be asked…this is not fake.”

He also wanted to make it clear that he didn’t record the video of the performance, just matched his audio with the recorded show. Long story short, don’t f*ck with an audio engineer.

Click the youtube link to read the rest of the description and for a link to hear the full isolated track for the entire show. That is if you feel like torturing your ears.

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source: Spin