Crazy Eye Witness Who Went Viral Finally Caught With Warrant For His Arrest

After charming the internet with his re-telling of a police chase to the evening news, Courtney Barnes, also known as “the best eye witness ever” has been arrested thanks to his internet fame. Kind of makes you feel bad for the guy since he seemed geninuinely worried about the police chase as he spoke to Jackson, Mississippi news stations WAPT and WLBT. Not to mention he actually turned himself in to the Mississippi police.

So what was his warrant that led to his arrest?  First let’s remember why we’re even talking about the guy in the first place (in case you haven’t had the pleasure).

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Aside from his gift of gab and attention-grabbing looks, Barnes had a warrant for shoplifting. A bummer considering he told the reporter he was on his way to Burger King “for a piece of burger” so clearly he’s not rolling in more dough than makeup these days. The Jackson police couldn’t say which store Barnes had allegedly stolen from, but said the news footage helped the store owner point out who had commited the crime. Probably not enough crayons in the world for a police sketch artist to get this one right.

Apparently Barnes’ recount of the police chase which ended in a car crash was also a little over the top with details as well. Other witnesses apparently had  a much more toned down version of what happened which is what led to news stations airing those witnesses more than Barnes. Just by looking at the guy, maybe he story did seem a little too energetic now that we think about it with his story sounding more like a scene from Lethal Weapon. But hey, he’s still a legend in our book.

Barnes actually took to his Instagram account hoping of clear his name now that he’s somewhat of a celebrity, saying people do make mistakes and that he keeps God first. Really hoping “God” is the name of his hairdresser.

“I want to apologize about the things that are going around on social media about me. However, like I said, nobody is perfect. Everybody is going to make mistakes, but at the same time, I do keep God first and I want everybody to know that it will work out for the better. But at the same time, let the negativity continue to come, because without negativity, we cannot do positivity.”

We could watch his interview all day long. Too good. Hoping he works some Red Carpets on E! soon.