Court Rules In Lawsuit Filed By Waitresses At Casino With Weight Restrictions

If you ever thought, ‘oh man I hope  the sweaty cocktail waitresses in the Atlantic City casino slugging free Bud Lights back and forth to gambling retirees at the slot machines are super sexy’ then the Borgata Casino is your kind of place.

This place screams sex appeal.

That’s because the Borgata Casino Hotel and Spa has some strict rules implemented for their waitresses they refer to as “Borgata Babes.” Here is a visual reference:

The casino has a rule for Borgata Babes that they are not allowed to either gain or lose more than 7% of their body weight from when they were first hired. For example if a woman was hired and weighed 120 pounds at the time, she would not be allowed to lose or gain 8 pounds. Seems fair right? If you were hired for your looks you should have to maintain those looks, right? The Borgata casino has branded itself based around the Borgata Babes with advertisements boasting that their wait staff; both men and women, are so hot that you will forget your own dang name when you see them. They even have a yearly Borgata Babes calendar. Here is a visual reference:

However a group of 21 current and former Borgata Babes sees things differently and filed a lawsuit against the casino back in 2008 which has just been settled this past week after a series of appeals. For starters, they say that the weight rules and sexy attire were not fairly implemented for the male servers. I’m not kidding, I could not find an actual visual reference for a “male Borgata Babe” – so here is a visual reference with a lady Borgata Babe and you will just have to pretend it is a dude.

Secondly,  the they say that the weight requirements created a hostile work environment with managers and co-workers making disparaging comments including asking if they were pregnant or just getting fat, and making pig snorting noises. Over the years the casino has fired only two Borgata Babes, one for gaining weight and one for losing too much weight. Neither of these women were part of the original lawsuit. In 2013 a lower court ruled in favor of the waitresses, but this new ruling by the state court of appeals sides with the casino saying that its personal appearance standards are lawful. However, another court may rule on the hostile work environment allegations.



In response to the ruling, the lawyer for the waitresses, Deborah Mains said that;

“Sexual objectification has been institutionalized and is being allowed to stand. It’s difficult to separate the harassment claims that the court is recognizing from the overall theory that the working environment is hostile because of the personal appearance standards.”

So this is your classic Hooters situation, but instead of customers hands being covered in chicken wing sauce they are covered in coin schmutz and sadness.

Hopefully these ladies can get a nice job at  that Twin Peaks “breastaurant.”  

Break Question Of The Day: Do you agree with the court that it is OK for the casino to enforce weight standards for the waitresses?

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Source: The Guardian