This Couple Lost A Combined 133 Lbs. For Their Wedding Day Photos.

Well if this doesn’t make the rest of us look bad, I’m not sure what does.

After years of bad eating habits, Matt Bradley made an promise to lose almost 100 lbs in the 18 months leading up to his wedding day. He took up planning his meals and jogging regularly. His then fiancee Hannah decided to follow in her husband-to-be’s footsteps, eventually losing 40 lbs. of her own.

“We soon got into the habit of planning our meals at the start of each week,” Bradley said. “One of my favorites is homemade burgers and chips made with low-calorie cooking spray and served with piles of fresh vegetables.”

“We still have a night out or a takeaway once a week too.”

Bradley got a gym membership and continued running, eventually racing in a 10K. I have to say, it looks like it was all worth it compared to the before photo.

“Even though we’ve always been very happy with each other, we weren’t happy with ourselves.” Bradley said. “Now we both have so much more energy and confidence.”

The married couple lost a combined total of 133 lbs.

So, maybe I should put down these Dorito chips?

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source: Metro