Couple Knocks On Wrong Front Door, Gun Happy Cop Greets Them Instead

Note to self, don’t go knocking on someone’s front door unless you know for certain you’re in the right place.

One couple learned this the hard way on New Year’s Eve in 2014 when they were lost looking for a friend’s house party. They thought they had the right address, parked on the street and approached the front door. After a couple of knocks, no one had answered which is when the couple realized they probably weren’t at the right place. The couple then pulled into the driveaway in order to safely check their phone for directions once again, which is when the homeowner appeared, tapping on their window. Long story short, he was pissed.

Reserve officer Michael Krebs demanded to see the two teenagers’ ID’s but both refused. Krebs had his gun drawn but didn’t show his identification that he was an officer, so to the two people he just looked like a nut with a gun. And that’s when they put the car in reverse to get the hell out of there. Unfortunately Krebs decided it would be a good idea to shoot at the couples’ car as they drove off.

Luckily the couple wasn’t harmed but Krebs claimed that he was injured which is why he had to start shooting. A claim that didn’t coincide with the teenagers’ story. Krebs also claimed that the teenagers were trying to open his front door but the teenagers denied it.

Finally, after originally filing the complaint a year ago, Luke Woodworth and Samantha Willis were finally awarded a settlement of $370,000 dollars by the Indianapolis courts. Not a bad pay day for simply knocking on the wrong door.