Couple Announces They’re Engaged, Forgot To Remove The Pregnancy Test From Photo

Social media is just filled to the brim with BS. Everyone is quick to show how happy they are in their relationship by sharing some “really good news” but this couple who announced their engagement to friends had to get real once they all started noticing something a little strange in their announcement photo.

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After bride-to-be Miranda announced that her man had finally popped the question, it seemed that their world could be nothing short of a fairy tale. I mean, everyone woman lives to announce their engagement on facebook it seems. Hilariously enough, that magical moment didn’t really seem to be the case because Miranda had already accidentally tipped off her friends to look a little closer at the photo. She stated that her boyfriend didn’t give her an actual ring, assuring everyone it will come later, which did nothing other than make people lean in a little too close to check out that ring.

And that’s when everyone also started noticing the weird box in the corner.




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If you make an engagment announcement and also state in the same breath “but what matters is what’s on the inside”, especially when it’s directed to the dude you’re marrying, that can’t be good.

One friend who already got what was really going on commented by saying “I guess what’s on “the inside” really does matter.” Another friend was less jokey and said “What, so you’re pregnant?”  Ruh roh.



Yeahhhhhhh. Miranda then noticed her mistake by not removing the pregnancy test box next to her leg, which also pretty much explains why her dude is looking a little less than enthused about the engagement to begin with.



Nothing like announcing to your friends on facebook that you’re getting quickly engaged because you’re pregnant. Social media justice, everyone. Good luck to the blessed couple because they’re going to have other things to worry about beyond buying an engagement ring.