Too Hot Tub: Couple Die In Tub During Sex

Some people say they would kill for an orgasm well one Canadian couple accidentally died from one recently. 

If you’re thinking “what a way to go,” you may be forced to revisit the story, as it seems that the husband pretty much had a heart attack while mounting his wife. (Yes, Canadians mount – hence the term Canadian Mounties.)  She then died from “asphyxiation by submersion,” which means she drowned under the weight of his body in the hotel hot tub.

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Making this weird story even weirder, the couple was in Mexico for their daughter’s wedding.  After hearing of the horrible news, a family member said “I know that they’re more concerned about the remains and cremation and things like that.” He added that “I don’t really know about the wedding.”

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When first investigating what exactly caused the deaths, a spokesperson for the hotel said “The room was perfectly fine.” He also said that “All the equipment was working perfectly,” and by that we can only assume he meant the hotel equipment. Soon enough, they discovered that part of the father of the groom’s equipment clearly wasn’t fine.

The spokesperson continued by saying “What the family mentioned was a heart attack. We are treating them as our own family. All the group is very calm, in the best way they can be.”

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What exactly is the best way they can be? Resisting laughter through their tears? Look, death sucks and is almost always going to be incredibly sad for many people involved – but this one adds humor to the sadness. We don’t mean to belittle their pain at all, but we also can’t help but point out that it’s kind of wacky. Perhaps the take away here is to always practice safe sex – and by safe, we mean not in a hot tub with a big dude on top of you who is going to drown you if his heart conks out.


Source: Mirror