The Rangers Ballpark Will Start Selling Disgusting Cotton Candy Hot Dogs

Sometimes it’s fun to go to the local buffet, fill your plate or soda cup up with any number of flavors offered, mix it around and see what you get. Of course most of us haven’t done that since we were young enough to still think Santa was real, but now ballparks are doing all of that playful work for you by creating some of the most nauseating foods known to man. Only now, our bowels can barely just stand the thought of it.

The stadium home to the Texas Rangers will soon be offering the Cotton Candy Hot Dog to anyone attending their post-season games. If you didn’t enjoy using their bathrooms enough before, well here’s more reason to enjoy standing in that line.

As if eating a hot dog with cotton candy on top of it wasn’t enough of a gross idea, they have created “cotton candy infused mustard” to drizzle on top of it. Clearly the makers of this thing also don’t believe that the condiment should stay INSIDE the bun. Great, now where the f*ck are the napkins?!

And that’s coming from someone that looks like cotton candy.

You may as well sell a player’s jock strap and drizzle some carmel on top of it really because you might get about the same effect. The Texas Rangers stadium has had it’s fair share of disgusting food offerings including the chicken fried corn on the cob, but the cotton candy hot dog takes the cake…if the cake was filled with a regrettable steaming 7th inning dump that is.