Don’t Mess With The Dude In The Suit: 10 Times Costumed Characters Fought Back

The life of a mascot or of being dressed as a character can be a tough one. Sure, you might receive a bit of adulation from some, but you’ll likely encounter moments of abuse as well. For all those in the suit who’ve suffered at the hands of others, we present this list of 10 times a mascot or character fought back.

1. Jersey Bunny Brawl

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This recent example was a viral hit worldwide, and it’s easy to see why. Don’t back bunny into a corner!

2. Brawling Santas

Exactly how many Santas are throwing a punch here is hard to say, but either way, someone’s making the naughty list for this one.

3. Texas Toro Takes No Bull

It’s hard to know if this one was staged, but this bull is seeing red and is out for blood.

4. Revenge of the Mascots

This Russian clip is genuinely crazy – how else could Mickey Mouse team up with Spongebob and a couple other dudes and beat the heck out of this guy? If you like MMA, you’ll appreciate this spin on it — the letters stand for Micky Mouse Assault. 

5. Spiderman Smackdown

Spidey’s had enough and is fighting back. Our favorite part? Watch as Elmo looks on, helpless to prevent this brawl from happening.

6. Beckham Brawl

Ok, the mascot here doesn’t technically fight back – but the look on Beckham’s face when he’s near the mascot is priceless. Even forgetting for a moment that Beckham’s wife is a talentless tart, this is likely the most outrageous time we’ll see him screaming at someone in an absurd outfit.

7. Leprechaun Lunacy

This one is wildly non-PC and possibly very funny. Want to see a drunken leprechaun lose his sh_t? This is your chance.

8. Look Out Kids

The arch-enemy of a mascot? Usually it’s a kid. This clip shows some serious payback for all the times youngsters have tried to out-sass the dude in the suit.

9. Mascot Mashup

Chewbacca, Waldo and Batman all in one brawl? Dreams do come true! This is a classic case of too many copyright protected characters tussling at once.

10. Cookie Crumbles

Ok, kids can be jerks and they do want to take your cookies – but seriously? Pushing a two-year old? Bad form, Cookie Monster!

Remember, inside those costumes are regular folks like the rest of us. The fact that they are in uncomfortable suits that make them smell like baboons on a drunken holiday to a garbage heap is no reason to treat them without respect. 

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