Driver Teaches Douchebag Corvette Owner A Lesson About Parking Like An A**hole

We’ve all seen that car. The car that parked so horribly you would love nothing more than to take a bat to it’s window because you are now forced to drive around for another 20 minutes looking for a spot. Plus, they just deserve it for being such huge d*ckholes.

Well, one guy decided to one up this douchebag Corvette driver by not only parking terribly alongside this pristine vehicle, but also providing a worse parking job, just to prove a point. Hilarious.

Leave it to a guy with a Zombie Outbreak decal to teach someone a lesson. And to make it even that much richer, Mr. Outbreak recorded video of the Corvette owner returning to their car with a worried look on their face, terrified the maniac Jeep owner may have dented his holier-than-thou vehicle. Yeah, you should be worried!


Hopefully the Corvette owner will consider this act to be a first warning. Who knows what ammo Mr. Outbreak has in that jeep.

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source: Reddit/Imgur