The History Of Corey Feldman Wanting To Become Michael Jackson

Okay, so here’s what happened last week: Corey Feldman put on a fancy hoodie, went on the Today Show and performed his original composition, Go 4 It, while backed by “Corey’s Angels”: a band of women dressed as, well, angels. And guess what? The Interweb went completely apeshit.

See that performance here in case you missed it.

Corey’s new CD, Angelic 2 the Core, is dedicated to Michael Jackson. First of all, I feel bad for Corey Feldman. I like Corey’s insane music. The world would be a less interesting place without it. On the Today Show, Corey tried to pull off some puppet-like dance moves that are deeply and obviously inspired by the gloved-one. You would think one of the angels in his band would’ve taken him aside and clued him in on a reality check to snap him out of his Hollywood delusional musical cacophony that would simply feed public-shaming meat to the Internet troll masses.

But this isn’t the first time Corey Feldman has tried to impersonate Michael Jackson in his performances, despite the internet acting like this is something totally new. This whole MJ obsession for Corey began back in the 80’s.

Corey befriended Michael Jackson after the singer visited him on the set of The Goonies. The two were often seen together, dressed in similar outfits; kind of weird for a man/boy combination. Corey and Michael once went to Disneyland together in disguise. To avoid being mobbed, Corey wore sunglasses and a fake mustache – while Jackson adopted a fake nose (didn’t he already have one?), mustache, and giant afro wig. The pair went unrecognized.

MJ (and Latoya) on the set of The Goonies where he first met Feldman.

Corey once said: “Michael Jackson’s world, crazy as it sounds, had become my happy place. Being with Michael brought me back to my innocence. When I was with Michael, it was like being 10 years old again.”

Sadly, Corey and Michael’s friendship ended in 2001. Corey Feldman told People that Jackson had hurt him by abruptly dropping him as a friend as he got older.

“He did real damage in my overall life,” he said. Regardless, Corey is still impersonating Jackson to this very day. He even showed up dressed like Michael Jackson at his Memorial.

Feldman, looking like MJ, at MJ’s Memorial in 2009.

Off the heels of his Today Show performance – let’s relive some more moments in the life of Corey Feldman where he tried emulate Michael Jackson. Some MJ appearances go well – others border on the plain bizarre.


The Today Show wasn’t the first time Corey has performed with his angels in public. Before that performance, in 2015 Corey put on his Michael Jackson costume and performed between innings at the State College Spikes minor league game. Understatement: It didn’t go as well as the Today Show appearance. In fact, representatives for the State College Spikes ended up apologizing to fans because of the performance:

“While the nature of the appearance was not what we had anticipated for the evening, we would like to apologize to all fans who may have been offended by its content.  We would also like to apologize to our fans for the appearance being so far below expectations.”

The Spikes originally thought Corey was going to do a meet-and-greet during the game – and simply sign autographs. Instead, he showed up dressed like Michael Jackson and insisted on performing with his Angel band.


In 2013, Corey also channeled Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal look to shoot his song “Duh” along with his Corey’s Angels. Based on this behind the scenes video, one can only imagine the official music video’s awesome awesomeness by watching this rehearsal moment with Corey dressed in a colorful suit along with bikini models.

Lucky for you, we live in an era of Youtube and found the official “Duh” video. It’s better than you would expect with Corey channeling a Bad-era Michael Jackson. At 3:26 – you get the treat of Corey doing an MJ-style zombie-like dance.



Attending the iHeart 80s concert back in 2014, Corey put on a gold zipper coat under a red jacket and wore dark shades – to look like later-era Jackson; channeling the gloved one alongside his normal dressed girlfriend.




In 2013, Corey sang MJ’s Billy Jean at a Limp Bizkit concert at the House of Blues in L.A. Think of this equation:

Corey + Michael Jackson + Limp Bizkit = HELL YES!!!!

Corey adopted a black sequined outfit and sparkly white glove for the gig – that would put any Michael Jackson karaoke performer to shame. The performance must have made Fred Durst roll around in his grave. (If Durst happened to be dead at the time.)



In 2012, Corey made an appearance on the UK’s Dancing on Ice. His goal was to recreate Michael Jackson’s moonwalking dance move…while on goddamn ice. Holy fucking shit!

The premise of Dance on Ice – is to have celebrities dance to songs while on ice. Though Corey ended up performing to the song Stand By Me – he did bust out some Michael Jackson moves…ON ICE!



In 1992, Corey made an appearance on the Howard Stern Show – performing an original song called “What Up with the Youth?” Corey told Howard that the song is about making the word a better place; very Jackson-eque. Not only do you get Corey dancing like Michael Jackson, but there’s the added bonus of a midget in a grass skirt dancing alongside of him. In the end, you’ll ask yourself, “What up with the Youth?”



The 1995 movie classic, Dream a Little Dream 2 – was a straight to video sequel of, well, Dream a Little Dream. The two Coreys were at it again – but this time, Feldman Corey does a Michael Jackson dance in the middle of a kitchen. Enjoy.



Did you know there were four Meatballs movies? I sure the hell didn’t. But in 1992 – Corey busted out more Michael Jackson moves during a scene in Meatballs 4. Maybe dancing like MJ was a demand that his agent made for any later-era Corey Feldman film?



As mentioned, Corey’s obsession with Michael Jackson began in the 80’s. This is a rare clip of one of Corey’s first public TV appearances dancing like Michael Jackson. Note the audience members’ reactions…which has stayed consistent to this very day and his appearance on the Today Show.