Cops Shoot And Kill Unarmed Cow After It Escaped From A Butcher By Jumping Fence

No matter how you feel right now this story might put you in a bad mooood. Sorry.

A cow in Pocatello, Idaho made a daring escape from a meat processing plant when it ran away from an employee preparing it for slaughter and jumped over a 6 foot fence. The bovine Jason Satham then went on an epic cow chase as the city’s police department and animal control officers attempted to corral the wayward cheeseburger.

It all began at Anderson Custom Pack, a meat packing facility, when the “meat” in question wasn’t cooperating with getting packed. The heifer ran up the street toward a residential neighborhood and the meat packing employees called 911. The cow was running up the middle of the road and nearly turned several cars into cow patties. They should have mooooved out of the way! Last one, I promise.

The future Big Mac rammed into several cop cars and an animal control truck during the chase before officers fired a shot into its head out of fear for public safety. However, they hadn’t milked the last drop out of this tough steak just yet. Even after getting shot the cow ran past cop cars and officers spent several minutes chasing the beast on foot, eventually cornering the animal in someone’s backyard.  This time the animal wasn’t so lucky and a final shot to the head killed it. He put up a good fight. Don’t call this guy… a COWward. Whoops!!!

The cow was later returned to the meat packing plant; so if you taste lead in your burger…

Figures, this is such a terrible stereotype to propagate…. When you think of crime happening in Idaho, you think of cows going on a rampage and getting shot by the police.

Source: Idaho State Journal

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