Man Gets A Ticket For Broken Windshield While He Was Waiting For It To Be Fixed

It’s one thing to get pulled over for some sort of car damage that just had to wait until you could get a free day to fix it, but this driver got a ticket for a broken windshield while he was waiting for it to be repaired.

Repair shop owner David Sprague said he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw a cop walk over to the car waiting to be fixed, and write up a ticket then and there.

“We were just standing here in our door and were ready for his appointment and all of the sudden we see a cop out there writing the guy a ticket. We were pretty astounded to think that was what happened.”

One would think, well, maybe the cop noticed that the windshield was so busted, the driver’s vision would ultimately be impaired. Apparently that wasn’t the case because Sprague also added that it was only on the passenger side that the windshield was damaged. The driver could see perfectly fine. But regardless, thought the ticket was a bit much considering the driver was waiting for it to be fixed.

Apparently some cops think some citizens are warlocks and can fix things at the drop of a hat.

The car’s owner, Nicholas Berlin said he tried explaining to the officer that he was waiting for his appointment at Sprague’s shop but the cop didn’t seem to care and issued the ticket anyway. Berlin says he plans on disputing the ticket in court on Nov. 18th.

The price of the ticket? An annoying $46 bucks. Not even worth the cop’s time to write it.