Cop Who Tickled Corpse Of Man Shot By Police Won’t Face Charges

A police car chase ended in tragedy this past November when officers in Bakersfield, California chased suspect Ramiro James Villegas until he crashed into a light pole, got out of his vehicle and charged at officer’s who shot him dead. While the circumstances of the unarmed man’s death were harsh, things went to creep show territory once his body was moved to the morgue. As the body of Villegas lay under a blood soaked sheet on a gurney Bakersfield Police Officer Aaron Stringer thought it would be a good time to reveal his budding interest in the dead.

 Stinger allegedly touched the bottom of the dead man’s feet saying “tickle, tickle!” Damn. Why couldn’t he just pocket the dead guy’s cash like a normal police officer?

Officer Aaron Stringer gets an award for excellence in dead body manicures

While you might be able to let go one sick joke, to top it off, Stringer also manipulated the head of the deceased turning it to one side and watching it slowly snap back into its original position. He did this TWICE  while telling his trainee Lindy DeGeare that he quote “loves playing with dead bodies.”

Normally cops have each other’s backs when it comes to some forms of misconduct, but this morbid horseplay was too much even for the police to look the other way. Stringer didn’t have permission to touch the body and the Bakersfield police chief said the whole thing was disturbing.

Stringer wouldn’t be interested in Villegas as he appeared in this picture, alive.

The corpse play came to light recently when a local newspaper uncovered an internal police investigation that placed Stringer on paid leave. However after a review prosecutors have declined to charge Stringer. So that’s comforting; now when police shoot a guy Officer Stringer will be on hand to give their corpse a foot massage.

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Source: NY Daily News