This *sshole Cop Took A Selfie As A Suicidal Man Jumped To His Death

A Turkish police officer is under fire after allegedly taking a selfie while a suicidal man threatened to jump off a bridge.

The incident took place earlier this week on Istanbul’s Bosphorus Bridge.

Thirty-five-year-old Sadrettin Saskin was threatening to jump from the bridge when one of the officers decided to pose for a pic. Moments later, he let go, falling to his death. Police say it was his third suicide attempt. Make your own “third time’s a charm” joke. I’m not in the mood.

Clearly, this police officer should be fired, not because this happened during a suicide attempt, but simply because he was taking a selfie. People need to know that they can trust their law-enforcement officials. And people who take selfies certainly can’t be trusted.

Would you trust any of these people with a gun and a badge?

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Actually, toilet grandma is pretty awesome. Don’t ask me why, but I trust her. (Source)