Cop Suing Starbucks After Free Coffee Burns His Crotch, Ruins Marriage

A free cup of coffee resulted in a $10 million dollar lawsuit to the world’s largest coffee chain. A North Carolina police lieutenant got a lot more than he expected from a free cup of coffee at Starbucks, saying he didn’t know it would be THAT hot.  

Matthew Kohr and his wife are suing for medical and legal expenses they say they suffered after he spilled a hot cup of joe all over his crotch. The burns resulted in a flare up of his Crohn’s disease causing him to have intestinal surgery and emotional distress to his wife who lost an “intimate partner.” In other words Starbucks is getting sued because this lady can’t get laid now.

The lid popped off, and the cup folded in on itself, spilling all over his thigh and groin. While at first they claimed ten million in damages, they are now settling for $750,000.  He says; “It was hard to put a price on what my wife had to go through, what my kids had to go through,” Kohr said. “What’s a year and a half, two years of your life worth? I thought it was worth $10 million.”

This is reminiscent of the infamous case of the lady who sued McDonalds in the early 90’s over hot coffee that gave her 3rd degree burns resulting in a ten thousand dollar medical bill. You can watch this really interesting documentary on what actually happened and refutes a lot of the misconceptions about that case that were put forth in the media.

While it is easy to scoff at these types of lawsuits, if you have ever touched some of this liquid fire brewed in industrial strength coffee makers, you know that the scalding hot coffee from Starbucks or fast food joints could take your flesh off. Why keep it that hot? It’s not even consumable. What is the point?

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Source: ABC News