Cop Gets Caught In A Bald-Faced Lie-- By His Own Dashcam

Earnest-Pettie by Earnest-Pettie on Jul. 31, 2013

There are times when a cop pulls you over, and you know that you've done nothing wrong. Rod MacIver got pulled over in Vermont for running a red, and he was so confident that he hadn't run the red light, that he demanded the officer, Jason Lawton, charge him for having run it.

When you're right, you're right, and when you're wrong, it's best to just admit it before things get worse. Rod MacIver was right, and he took Lawton to court with Lawton's own dashcam footage as his backup. The camera doesn't lie-- Office Lawton is great at handling that part, himself. Officer Lawton tried to dismiss the charge against MacIver before their court case, but MacIver wasn't having it. MacIver won his case, got the ticket dismissed, and now he's suing the city for $2000 in damages.

It's the arrogance in the officer's voice that is maddening, the sarcasm with each "Really?" that drips thicker than maple syrup. The officer was bullying a person who refused to be bullied, and now he's getting his comeuppance. MacIver will see the city in court this Friday, where he'll be representing himself, and I hope he gets every single one of those two thousand dollars he's asking for... and a public apology.

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jeepman1788 User

audio quality too terrible to understand.  Looked like a close call at the red light, i'd about have to side with the cop on this one.  If the Guy was towing a heavy trailer making it hard to stop quickly, itd be a different story.

stuminator User

Douche bag cop probably shot a dog the next day.


It's difficult to say from the video; however, traffic lights typically transition to red for the ENTIRE intersection, for a 2 to 3 second interval PRIOR to changing to green for another roadway.  That said, at 00:10 seconds of the video - the truck is CLEARLY within the intersection.  At 00:11, the light is already green for the officer.  My money's on the dude simply ran the damn light.  

Quit crying you little b!tch and learn how to drive.

ChirpyMike User

@ Break...why the 2min slow speed no-chase? Learn to edit!

lagoonguy1 User

he ran a yellow light at the first one. It changed pretty quick to the officer's green when he went through.

Denu187 User

Power made driven Police, they make a fool of themselves other nothing... no go catch some real criminals.

ZeroOrDie User

The first light is the one in question and if you know how long it stays red before changing green after the other lights have changed red than it actually was kind of close

ZeroOrDie User

Learn how to wire your electronics Officer....sounds so annyoing

Neenah-Lloyd-23 User

I have a dash cam and rear cam on my car with audio recording. I think this type of behavior is going to increase. I am prepared. 


Yep this doesn't surprise me at all.  I was wondering when they were going to start using these tactics more openly.  I just don't understand why they need more money than we're already paying in taxes.  This is bull.

TwoGallons User

This is a close call - I'm not sure if the cop actually saw the lights change. At night you can see the other lights change so it's possible they were red - that was awful fast that the cop's lights went from red to green. But I agree with Sproutman - he may have just been fishing for a DUI - also don't appreciate the way he followed him a while before he pulled him over - they did go through a few more lights - maybe he was just waiting for a place without intersections to pull him over........tough call. I would have given him a warning once I saw he was not drunk.

ahntoraj User

break sucks donkey shlong

bigmike753 User

the truck was half under the light when it turned red. I don't think where the light post is, is considered a part of the intersection.

Enticer User

You can see the light change when the truck passes in front of him it goes yellow, then red, look in the upper left side of the screen.  It was close, but not knowing the intersection it is hard to be sure if the light was red when the truck entered it.  Certainly not worth all of this.

And to SWLDguitar:  Maybe you state is different, but in mine the white lines have nothing to do with red light violations.  What the intersection is defined as here is the prolongations of the curb lines.  If that is the case in Vermont then this guy may well have deserved the ticket.  I can;t see the curbs in the video though.

ispewmalarkey User

Yeah, I'm with the cop on this one. Controlled intersections have a few seconds where both lights are red as a safety measure. Buddy was just past the intersection when the light turned green for the cop. Taking speed into account and subtracting the 2-3 seconds that the lights overlap and the observed size of the intersection, the light was red just as he entered the intersection. He had time to stop on the yellow.


Oinker is giving good cops a bad name, he should be fired 


Why do any of you people have driver's licenses?  

The law is: if your vehicles tires are OVER the White line (the one you stop at while at a red light / stop sign) you are considered "THROUGH the intersection".   He was THROUGH the intersection in the video.   Proof of this would be making a left-hand turn and you pull up into the intersection.  The light changes red before you turn because of traffic.  You cannot get pulled over because you're over the lines and considered THROUGH the intersection.  However, if there are signs saying not to "block the box" you can get pulled over for sitting over the line.  

Greg-Giese-918 User

He ran the red light. It's hard to see but he did. LOL at the people just reading the story and assuming that side is the correct one. Watch the video, Ignore the red light facing directly at the camera and look at the one the driver will run. He entered the intersection about 1/4 of the way thru when the light changed to red. That is the same thing as running thru it completely.

serpa69 User

the guy did run the red but he should have stopped him right away I agree with you sprout that  he was fishing for something else but I will have to listen to the radio call in which i do not even think he called this one in. The only thing i can see is he gave him the ticket because of an out of state plate why was the footage cut to check for wants and warrents I wish him the best of luck in sueing i hope he gets all the damages he is asking for and this cop goes back to his desk where he should be

Sproutman User

Move along, nothing to see - just another pig abusing his power to fill a quota.  He was likely fishing for a DUI, and it didn't pan out because the guy was clearly stone sober.

I have only ever met ONE decent cop, and LOTS of bad ones on power trips.

Silverhart User

..Its cops like these that are the reason why a lot of cops have a bad rep i don't like cops cause i have always ran into jerk retarded bad ones.   And the guy was fine when your truck car etc is passing the ped cross and the light starts turning red your alright cause there is no way you can come to a complete stop from 45 - 0 mph in a split second cause there is a certain distance needed to stop from certain speeds its all in the DMV books..

LostKeys User

Well in Canada.. If the light turns red while you're still in the intersection, it's running a red.. And this guy was still in the intersection. Barely though.

diverdave76 User

What? another douche bag, liar, bully cop? No way! I don't believe it. 

ben96 User

what is a bald face lie?

Aaron-Powers-117 User

@jeepman1788 there were no red lights.... not a single light was red. there was one orange light that stays orange at night to warn there are other roads, other than that, there were no red lights.


@ZeroOrDie Officers typically don't wire the electronics in the patrol cars, they don't change the oil in them either.  There are places that do that professionally for departments.


@LostKeys You are incorrect. In Canada, if you pass your stopping line after it turns red, you are running a red. If you are in the intersection when it turns red, but passed your stopping line prior to the change, you are fine.

LostKeys User

The red light he is referring to is at the beginning of the video. 

Sybron34 User

@LostKeys if that's the red light, he passed the point of no return.  no way he was gonna slam on his breaks to stop at that light.  that cop is a lady c*nt. he would have had a better case for speeding.  

treyert User

@_TemperVale_ It's sad that this is what passes for trolling on Break these days. I've seen much better.

Earnest-Pettie moderator User

It's sad that this is what passes for trolling on Break these days. I've seen much better.