Cop Gets Caught In A Bald-Faced Lie– By His Own Dashcam

There are times when a cop pulls you over, and you know that you’ve done nothing wrong. Rod MacIver got pulled over in Vermont for running a red, and he was so confident that he hadn’t run the red light, that he demanded the officer, Jason Lawton, charge him for having run it.

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When you’re right, you’re right, and when you’re wrong, it’s best to just admit it before things get worse. Rod MacIver was right, and he took Lawton to court with Lawton’s own dashcam footage as his backup. The camera doesn’t lie– Office Lawton is great at handling that part, himself. Officer Lawton tried to dismiss the charge against MacIver before their court case, but MacIver wasn’t having it. MacIver won his case, got the ticket dismissed, and now he’s suing the city for $2000 in damages.

It’s the arrogance in the officer’s voice that is maddening, the sarcasm with each “Really?” that drips thicker than maple syrup. The officer was bullying a person who refused to be bullied, and now he’s getting his comeuppance. MacIver will see the city in court this Friday, where he’ll be representing himself, and I hope he gets every single one of those two thousand dollars he’s asking for… and a public apology.

– Earnest (follow me on Twitter @Earnestp)

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