Cop Caught Buying Crack Claims It Was For His Wife

A police officer in Florida (where else?) faces drug charges for buying crack cocaine in full view of some undercover police officers. But it’s his excuse that makes this Florida story that much more rich. He reportedly told police that he was buying the crack for his wife.

Police in Culter Bay, Florida busted Christopher Heredia, 25, as part of an undercover sting operation in which he purchased crack cocaine from a drug dealer. Police were conducting a separate operation when they first observed Heredia conduct a “hand-to-hand transaction” with a dealer in the parking lot of a drug store. Heredia left the scene in his car and police conducted a traffic stop. Heredia copped (no pun intended) to having the drugs but he insisted that they “weren’t for him but for his wife.” It’s refreshing to see husbands still buying gifts for their spouses, isn’t it? Was this just a spur of the moment purchase that he thought might make her happy or is there a year for the traditional “crack anniversary”?

Police also confirmed his claim during the stop that he works as a police officer for the Sweetwater Police Department. Well, I’m assuming that “works” part will be changed to the past tense soon now that he’s got charges like purchasing cocaine, possessing a controlled substance and possessing drug paraphernalia looming over his head.

The story failed to mention if the wife ever got her beloved crack or not. I hope he at least sent her some apology flowers instead.

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source: WSVN