10 Bad Ass Tattoos For Couples

There’s a fine tradition in tattooing of getting your significant others’ name tattooed on you and then regretting it when you break up.  You need to live with it, get it ocvered up, or find someone else witht he same name.  Seems like a chore.  Instead, if you’re feeling keen on a special someone, why not get a couples tattoo?  that way it’s at least more clever than a name and, if you break it, it’s not like you’re carryinga banner that says “I was an idiot for Brenda.”

Stick Folk

This tattoo is almost too clever, but it’s also pretty simple and doesn’t out you as a maniac if the relationship fails.

Reel ‘er In

This is pretty large for a couples tattoo, but each one stands on its own really well.  You just look like a couple who enjoy time at sea.  

Jurassic Love

This is another good one that doesn’t make you look too much like a fool if you’re solo.  Like, it’s still a cartoon dinosaur, but that’s way cooler than most tattoos people get these days featuring Japanese Kanji or whatever.

Puzzle Paint

This is pretty simple but looks kind of cool, aside from how it looks like maybe the ink colors don’t fully match up  But hey, the idea is a nice one.  And a heart seems like the shmaltzy choice for a couple’s tattoo, even though it’d be way cooler if it was like…Bruce Willis’ silhouette.


This is a Harry Potter tattoo which makes it a bit nerdtastic and all, but in theory just the stag and doe idea is kind of cool for a couple and the simple line work is pretty nice on these two.  You could get away with this without making reference to a children’s book.

Saber Fingers

In general, finger tattoos are kind of a bad idea – have you seen anyone sporting a finger mustache in the last 5 years?  But at least this has a little nerd cache that makes you seem like you belong together as a couple.  if you can find a mate willing to actually do this with you, it’s probably something you actually should do.


These two are nice thanks to their simplicity.  You don’t need huge hearts full of olde English script listing the names of your illegitimate children or any such thing, just something simple that has meaning between the two of you.

Lock it Down

This obviously works best as a dual piece, but even the individual parts can stand alone and not be too questionable.  Plus there’s a sex euphemism in there which isn’t too shabby.


Look, they fit together!  Get it?  The best part of this is that in several years the reference will be lost on kids entirely but knowledge of spatial relations means it will always at least make some sense.

Pizza Each Other

Food, love and art together?  That’s fantatsic!