C Is For Criminal: Cookie Monster Robber Arrested

cookie monster

There are basically two kinds of people in the world. Those who like cookies, and morons with undeveloped taste buds. That said, we can almost sympathize with a man in Houston known as the “Cookie Monster” robber, as he always asked for a cookie when he robbed a fast food restaurant.

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He robbed over 30 restaurants in two months, and usually insisted upon getting a cookie along with the cash. Clearly, he wasn’t getting that much cash from the places (at least enough to buy his own cookies on his free time), and he also wasn’t worried about diabetes.

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He often entered restaurants with a bag over his head, which either meant he was the unfortunate victim of a frat house prank that thought he was a 400 lb girl or he thought he looked cool in it. Or perhaps that was his low budget homage to the real Cookie Monster.

paper bag

Harris County Deputy Thomas Gilliand said “We called him the ‘Cookie Monster’ because he would ways pick up a bag of cookies like he was going to buy them and then when the cashier was ringing them up he’d produce a weapon and demand money.”


His supposed favorite kind of cookie was Chips Ahoy! (No, the exclamation point isn’t ours for emphasis – that’s the actual spelling of those chocolate chip cookies.)

Shall we ask what kind of fast food restaurant serves Chips Ahoy! Cookies? We would, yet are fearful of copycat burglars pulling guns all over the country demanding various chocolate treats.


According to arrest reports, he didn’t have a lawyer listed. This begs the question: what defense would such lawyer use?


Perhaps “that’s the way the cookie crumbles?”

Source: People