Convicted Child Molester Wins $3 Million Lottery In Florida

The lottery is one of those ideas that almost sounds like a good idea. Sure it gives millions of dollars to people who might otherwise not see such large amounts of money in their lifetime but for some of them, that’s not necessarily a good thing. Take, for instance, the case of Timothy Dale Poole who won the Florida Lottery ….after being convicted of child molestation. 

Why do crazy people always use three names?

The Florida Lottery announced its newest million dollar winner on its website but when they learned that Poole went to jail for three years after pleading guilty to molesting two boys and failing to attend his court ordered counseling sessions, they took down the photo.

He was also convicted of stealing 20K of Food Stamps, Not That He Needed Any.

Poole won his $3 million jackpot after buying a $20 ticket from a 7/11 and the public has urged the lottery commission to rescind his winnings. The Florida Lottery issued a statement that there is no law prohibiting them from giving payments to registered sex offenders so he’ll receive his $2.2 million lump sum payment. Normally when reporting a story from the weird state of Florida, we’d thank them for being the nation’s Bermuda Triangle of news but this time, we’re not getting that feeling. Ugh.

In fact, the only scenario that would legally allow the Florida Lottery to rescind or deny a person their winnings is if the winner owed child support. There have been other cases similar to this one like Daniel Snay of Uxbridge, Massachusetts who won $10 million in the lottery and allegedly used his winnings to bribe a victim from reporting him to the police. That prompted a state senator to propose a law preventing sex offenders from even playing the lottery but it never made it to a vote. 

Should we have some kind of nationwide law that prevents convicted sex offenders from winning or even playing the lottery? Tell us what you think in the comments section. 

Source: Orlando Sentinel