Wife Gets Nearly $1 Billion In Divorce Settlement

The CEO of oil company Continental Resources is going to have a little less resources soon since his ex-wife won a divorce settlement totaling $995 million dollars. In what is the largest divorce settlement ever, Harold and Sue Ann Hamm spent nine weeks in an Oklahoma court battling it out over a marital estate fortune estimated to be worth $17 billion.  And you were worried about your ex-wife getting your comic books collection.

Where did it all go so right?

Pending a court appeal, if she gets all of the money, the settlement will make her one of the one hundred wealthiest women in the United States. Sue Ann was also an executive at the company before the divorce, and her ex-husband Harold still owns 68 percent of Continental Resources, one of the most successful oil companies in the world. He is still estimated to be worth over 13 billion dollars. She will get 323 million upfront and 7 million in monthly installments for the remainder of the payment. The judgment actually made shares of the oil company fall in price. So that’s one way to scorn your ex .  Ex-wife jokes aside, who do you think is getting the better end of the deal?

Hey guys, guess who is single and needs a place to party?

Regardless $995 million is a lot. That’s enough money to not tour with Led Zeppelin or to buy the most expensive house currently for sale in America. She could easily afford the $195 million dollar Palazzo di Amore in Beverly Hills, California. The giant house which seems more like a Las Vegas casino than a single family home, sits on 25 acres of land (in the middle of Los Angeles!) and features its  own wine vineyard.  The former Mrs. Hamm could relax by the reflecting pool, the bowling alley, the home theater or the 3,000 bottle wine cellar, before taking a car out of the 27 car garage and crashing it just for the fun of it.

Mrs. Hamm just found a place to spend that check, perhaps?

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