Someone Just Won The Million Dollar Lottery For The Second Damn Time

Do you regularly play the lottery and get tired of not winning anything? Then you definitely should stop reading right now because you’re bound to destroy whatever device you’re reading this on right now. A woman has won the Massachusetts Lottery twice.

Makin’ friends real quick.

Constance Carpenito of Stoneham, Massachusetts picked up her second, oversized check for $1 million that she won from a scratch-off ticket for the $10 Million Diamond Millionaire game. This marks the second time that she’s won the lottery after she picked up her first $1 million from another scratch-off ticket back in 1996. The odds of getting $1 million in two separate lottery games must be astronomical. It must be the equivalent odds of getting eaten by shark that’s hit by lightning that’s eaten by another shark that’s been hit by lightning.  

The coincidence gets even spookier. She bought both tickets at the same supermarket in her hometown. So she won the lottery and she was still playing it? Save some ridiculous hard to get winnings for the rest of us, lady!

Of course, winning the lottery isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. There are plenty of stories of people who lost all of their winnings and then some after they won the big jackpot. So imagine what the odds would be if Carpenito lost TWO lottery jackpots! It must be the shark scenario above. plus one of the sharks can speak fluent Spanish!