Creepy Congressman Stole the Pope’s Water

Representative Bob Brady from Pennsylvania is a devout Catholic who seems to not understand his own religion.  After the Pope’s visit to Washington this week, Brady stole the Pontiff’s half empty (or is it half full?) water glass so that he could drink from it, share the water with his wife and friends and sprinkle it on his grandchildren.

If you’re not Catholic you may be wondering why this man is going so kooky for the Pope’s water, and with good reason, because there’s nothing in the Catholic religion that would in any way indicate the Pope’s backwashed beverage is in any way sacred or blessed or anything more than a cup of water purloined from an old Argentinian man.  The Pope would likely be the first to tell you his water is no big deal.

Despite how creepy it sounds to steal an old man’s water and make your wife drink it, the story gets weirder – Brady refused to let anyone else hold the glass so he’s been pouring it in other people’s faces and, weirdly, photographing it as proof.  Without further ado, here’s an actual, elected Congressman force-feeding Pope water to friends and family with his big, chubby thumb firmly in the glass.

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