Congressional Campaign Poster Unknowingly Features A Big Horse Penis

Gary Kiehne is running for Congress in eastern Arizona. He also has a huge horse penis over his shoulder in his campaign poster.

Maybe that image doesn’t really do the horse justice. I’d hate to short change the guy. Here’s a better shot of the horse penis in question, just to make it clear.

Whether Kiehne has noticed the horse penis or not is uncertain, but the image is certainly not available on his website. And probably for good reason.

Kiehne’s website states, “As your next Congressman, my top priority will be to grow our economy.” He unfortunately didn’t mention something else that grew. Here’s the full campaign poster that presumably was approved by Kiehne and his top people.

Let this be a huge lesson to amateur photographers. You should really check the entirety of the frame and not just the main subject. Because you never know when a huge horse penis will creep in to make a cameo.

I can’t tell if this whole screwup will get him more votes (because of more press) or hurt his chances at winning the seat. Personally I can appreciate a politician trying to appear as one of the people, just hanging out with the boys, talkin’ ’bout cowboy hats, trucks, and every day horse penises. (Source)


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“I’m Gary Kiehne and I approved this horse penis.”