Conan O’Brien And His Show Are Being Sued For Stealing Twitter Jokes

Have a twitter account and love telling your followers some witty jokes? It’s fun, isn’t it?! Unfortunately for one freelance joke writer, the fun turned into a lawsuit after allegedly having four jokes stolen from his twitter account and placed in Conan O’Brien’s monologue. So he says anyway.

Alex Kaseberg claims that he thought the first two jokes which happened on two separate occasions was just a coincidence. Then when he saw a third joke of his told by Conan, he just had to figure out what the hell was going on, but not by raising a stink. Kaseberg thought he might actually be able to get a job out of it since they liked his material so much.

According to Kaseberg’s blog, he somehow finagled a phone call with Conan’s head writer Mike Sweeney, asking him about the jokes that were so similar to his own. Allegedly Sweeney ended up tearing Kaseberg a new asshole, denying that any jokes were taken, used, stolen, however you wanna put it.

Oof, a contributor to Jay Leno for 20 years. Probably hurts more to tell people that fact than then help, Mr. Kaseberg. But then a fourth Kaseberg’s joke was allegedly told on Conan’s show, as mentioned in Kaseberg’s lawsuit.

Here are the gems Kaseberg claims Conan lifted.

  • “A Delta flight this week took off from Cleveland to New York with just two pasengers. and they fought over control of the armrest the entire flight.”

  • “Tom Brady said he wants to give his MVP truck to the man who won the game for the Patriots. So enjoy that truck, Pete Carroll.”

  • “The Washington Monument is ten inches shorter than previously thought. You know the winter has been cold when a monument suffers from shrinkage.”

  • “Three streets named Bruce Jenner might have to change names. And one could go from a cul-de-sac to a cul-de-sackless.”

Conan’s production company Conaco denies that any jokes were stolen, but this story is reminiscent of a writer from a Canadian sketch show suing Saturday Night Live for stealing their entire sketch. I’ve tried to look for these jokes told by Conan on the internet, but can’t find a damn thing so who knows if Kaseberg is onto something or just hoping to get noticed. It seems none of Conan’s writer’s either follow his twitter or his blog.

But then again, playing devil’s advocate for a second, if you’re going to steal from a decent joke writer, steal from someone who doesn’t have much of a following like Kaseberg here so it’s really your word against theirs. Being in a writer’s room such as Conan’s is no easy gig when you have to come up with really good jokes on a daily basis or your ass is back to looking for a job.