Would You Wear This Woman’s Fancy Roadkill Clothing?

pam paquin poses with a roadkill fur

Image Source: Washington Times

If you have ever seen a dead animal on the side of the road and said, “That’d make a sweet coat,” you’re in luck.

A woman in Boston has a company that will turn your dream into a reality.

Here are da’ facts:

Pam Paquin wears a dead fox around her neck

Image Source: vpr.net

  • The company is named Petite Mort Furs and it’s owned by Pamela Paquin.
  • She calls the dead animals ‘accidental fur’, not roadkill.
  • So if you like furs, but like alive animals more, this can give you both.
  • “All this fur is being thrown away,” she said.
  • Animal rights people aren’t completely behind the idea, though.
  • The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said they think it’s “in poor taste.”
  • A spokesperson for PETA even said there is “never an excuse” to wear fur.

a sexy PETA ad with Katrina

Image Source: FanPop

  • Paquin thinks she is doing some good and saving some other animals’ lives.
  • And the fur biz pulls in like $35 billion every year.
  • That’s going to be a lot of roadkill – sorry, accidental fur — to make a dent in that action…
  • Of course, not everyone is turning their nose up at Petit Mort.

A GIF from empire with Taraj Henson wearing a fur coat

Image Source: The Gloss

  • One happy customer in San Fran said PETA’s people are just being jerks… in so many words.
  • So aside from getting over the icky factor of wearing something around you that a U-Haul smeared across the highway, you will also need to dig up some cash.

pam paquin shows off another petite mort item

Image Source: Daily Mail

  • Some of Paquin’s items are $2,000.
  • So take your girl and go to their store in Boston, or just place an order online.
  • Oh yeah, why the unique name?
  • Petit Mort is French for ‘the little death’.

meg ryan fakes an orgasm in when harry met sally

Image Source: glee.wikia.com

  • It is also said to describe the feeling of an orgasm.
  • Huh?
  • Anyway, each piece of clothing or accessory is personally handmade (and not by sweat shop children).
  • Paquin also writes the customer a personal note and states where the animal was found dead.
  • Gotta’ say, I find that one a little disturbing.

a mdel shows off some petite mort fur products

Image Source: Daily Mail

  • But seriously, Paquin really doesn’t like the roadkill term.
  • It’s a turnoff to her and “cheapens my product,” she said.
  • I wish I had thought about this when my beagle, Joey, died a few years ago…

a beagle hat on a manaquin head

Image Source: Etsy

  • I’d look totally awesome in a Joey hat.

Source: Big Story