Italian Company Created Spreadable Beer

Beer can do so many wonderful things. It can turn a 2 into an 8. It can turn a boring get-together into the kind of raucous party that you only see in movies about college. And if you drink enough of it, it can also help you get rid of the evidence of the wild night you had by erasing your memory. It’s like a personal liquid assistant who never judges you no matter how much you need to be judged.

Really the only problem with beer is that it’s a liquid and thus limits the number of ways you can enjoy it.  Until now anyway. A food company in Italy came up with one of the weirdest ways to enjoy beer. They made it spreadable.

The Italian food company Alta Quotta released a new product called “Birra Spalmabile,” which translated into English means “Spreadable beer.” This beer jam doesn’t contain any alcohol (yet) but it does have enough beer to give you that same beer taste when you bite into whatever you decide to spread it on such as bread, a cracker or a slab of your own sadness.

We  know that there are some extreme drunks out there who must have thought at least once in their lifetime that making themselves a “beer sandwich” would be a good idea. So this is really for them. We just hope that for the sake of their safety that they have enough motor skills to realize you that you have to take out of the jar before you bite into it.  Try it with Nutella and let us know how it tastes.