Would You Fly In The Sliding Airplane Seats This Company Has Proposed?

Another, awful airline seat design patent application has been made and this time it will have passengers rolling around, fighting for leg room like some kind of sadistic shin bruising Gladiator match. Well if you are reading this on an airplane, you might totally freak out and force an emergency landing after seeing the new proposed seat design:

This little kid is going to get squished like a bag of peanuts sat on by a fat guy.

A company from North Carolina has applied for a United States patent to manufacture passenger seats for airlines that would be placed on wheels. The design is in an effort to make the seats more adjustable and allow taller passengers to roll their seat backward or forward in order to get more leg room.

Works out for the kid too: now he can be entertained by kicking the man’s chair!

In the patent proposal they sketch an example where the design makes sense with a tall, adult man moving his seat back toward a child who does not need much leg room. However, what if the person behind you is not a child or even short?  Can you imagine trying to negotiate with the maniac passenger behind you who just popped a Xanax and a mini shot of vodka for the flight, if you can roll your seat a few inches backward?

At this point it would be easier if everyone just boarded the plane this way.

While it seems that the rolling seat designers have good intentions, I fear that this design would turn the inside of an airplane cabin into a flying Mad Max Thunder Dome. Many legs would be broken.

I’m no plane safety expert, but does anyone else see potential problems with these gears being on the bottom of every seat?

A few weeks ago the Internet had a collective meltdown and had we all had to be figuratively restrained by the air marshal when we learned of a proposed seat design by an airplane seat manufacture in France that had passengers facing each other. The only way to make this more torturing is to take away our Wi-Fi access and make us speak to other passengers.

The rolling seat company and the “face a stranger” airplane seat company should get together and design torture devices for ISIS.

Break Question Of The Day: Would you fly on an airplane with rolling seats?

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