Wrong Punctuation Gets Woman Out Of A Hefty Parking Ticket

Parking tickets suck. They suck hard. Parking signs explaining parking laws suck even harder. So when a woman in West Jefferson, Ohio claimed victory after fighting a parking ticket on the grounds of proper punctuation, there was a evangelical sense of satisfaction felt by all who have been screwed over by a parking ticket.

Andrea Cammelleri was issued a parking citation after parking her pickup truck for more than 24 hours. There’s a city ordinance that listed vehicles that could not be parked for more than 24 hours which included a “motor vehicle camper.” Naturally, she thought that this law didn’t apply to her truck.

Like the rest of America, Cammelleri saw the word “motor vehicle camper” and thought that applied to motorhomes — but that’s not what the city meant. They law was supposed to read “motor vehicle, camper.” Looks like someone needs to review how and when to use a comma. Or not, because their mistake is saving people some cash!

When she tried to dispute the ticket, the city tried to give some B.S. explanation saying that it was obvious what they meant in their notification even if the comma was left out — but Judge Robert Hedrickson wasn’t having that. He said that the city needs to amend the law and add that damn comma to make it clear.

The judge tossed the ticket and Cammelleri won the dispute. The city of West Jefferson will have to reimburse her about $1,500 for towing costs and legal fees. See, kids? Knowing proper grammar and punctuation pays off. Literally.