5 Exclusive Comic-Con Posters That Have The Craziest Easter Eggs

Comic-Con is underway with exclusive movie news getting released every day in celebration of the convention. Cool movie posters with hidden easter eggs are no exception with images from The Hobbit 2, Jurassic World and Ant-Man.

Yesterday, everyone was buzzing about the easter egg of new Avengers character ‘Vision’ making his first appearance in the exclusive Avengers 2 poster, but have you noticed the easter eggs within other Comic-Con posters?


Here is another Avengers poster that is actually a part of a bigger illustration, much like the image above. But it’s the easter egg near Black Widow that received the most attention. Hard to see from a distance, but when we zoom into the Ultron army, it’s clear as day. Catch it yet?

It’s a couple of male S.H.I.E.L.D. agents kissing. Comic-Con attendees applauded when seeing the image which most missed the first time.


The follow up to 2012’s The Hobbit is one of the more highly anticipated sequels from director Peter Jackson, and at first glance, this looks like a pretty standard ad. It’s only when you look closely that you’ll see a Red Lobster seafood restaurant. Very cool.


We haven’t seen the Mad Max character in over 30 years so it’s exciting to see Tom Hardy reboot the role made famous by Mel Gibson.  But what’s up with this poster and why did they put a penis cloud in the sky? Moreso, why did they have an arrow pointing to it? If you think that it might’ve been a mistake, look at the bottom text which reads “That cloud is definitely a penis.” Fans seem to really enjoy this one.

Aside from those pretty cool Fury Road poster easter eggs, my favorite find is the turd with a fork in it on the bottom right. Now that is awesome.


If you were at the Con this year, you had the chance to receive a cool Jurassic World poster, but it seems this one is loaded with easter eggs that lead us to believe Dr. John Hammond has started up a velociraptor strip club. Not entirely sure, but it appears that the raptor is wearing stockings and giving Dr. Hammond a table dance while he drinks champagne.

The more interesting part is the marketing hashtag they’re promoting which reads “Jurassic World Gets Real Skanky For Ya”. This will surely be a big win for Universal Pictures.


Marvel’s upcoming Ant-Man has a lot of people excited to see Paul Rudd take on the role. But can you spot the easter egg in this poster? It’s his ant-like penis! Very clever marketing that had the entire Con discussing the film’s possible plot, effects and really small penises.

Which poster from Comic-Con was your favorite? The Ant-Man one? Yeah, that one is pretty neat isn’t it.

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