Comedy Bandits Stole Loyola University’s “YOLO” Letters

Today marks the “Fat Tuesday” of the Mardi Gras festival in Louisiana and someone hilarious must’ve had a real fine time during the celebration.  Loyola University located in Mardi Gras capital woke up today to find their front sign missing the “LOYO” letters. 

It’s no surprise these letters spell out “YOLO” and 100% of students from any college would have put this correlation between the illustrious sign and the infamous catch phrase made by Drake in 2011 long ago until they finally hatched a plan to pull off one of the most college-y pranks ever.  But is it over?

Officials are saying the school was simply a “victim of Mardi Gras”, but I think it goes deeper than that.  This Loyola sign is clearly made of concrete, which leads me to believe that whomever was capable to sever a monument of this size without suspicion must be some sort of drunk chosen one.

Like Arthur and the sword in the stone, maybe this person has a greater power we just aren’t aware of yet. 

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We reached out to the University for a comment on this heinous crime.

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No word back just yet from the University or Mr. Drake, but we did however obtain an official police sketch as to the letters’ whereabouts.

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