Comcast Gets Complaining Customer Fired From His Job

It has not been a good year for Comcast customer relations. This summer the internet gleefully listened to the recorded epic meltdown of a Comcast customer service representative. The rep’s maniacal refusal to cancel a customer’s account with the company led us to believe that a member of the rep’s family would be executed for each customer that he lost. Well now we have additional evidence that Comcast is really a front for some sort of mafia style crime syndicate that will take strong measures when you displease them.

Comcast “Customer Service”

If you thought your cable and internet company was bad, just be thankful you aren’t wearing Conal O’Rourke’s potentially cement filled shoes as detailed in this crazy story. When O’Rourke became a Comcast customer in early 2013, right off the bat he had issues with his service. To start they misspelled his name so he had trouble getting bills. He met with a service rep who promised all the billing shenanigans would be sorted out; only his bills went up $20 after a promotion ended and he was charged $7 for a second modem he did not have. This was just the beginning.

Annoyed after less than a year using Comcast he decided to cancel the service in October 2013. He should have stuck to his gut on this one, but one of those representatives with a gun to their mother’s head convinced him to stay with Comcast and they would make amends by offering him free DVR and The Movie Channel. The poor son of a bitch took the bait.

Then Comcast began charging him for set top boxes that had not been activated. He claims that they sent him dozens of unwanted pieces of equipment he did not order including DVRs and modems and then billed him $1,800 for the erroneous devices.

You must have forgot your ordered all this stuff.

Pretty soon Comcast customers won’t be paying cable bills, but will pay tribute to Comcast for “protection.” “Hey, heard you ordered some DVR boxes.” –“No I didn’t.” “Yeah, yeah I think you did and you had better pay for them if you know what’s right for ya.”

This is where O’Rourke had enough; as a professional accountant at the prestigious Price Waterhouse Coopers he made a spreadsheet detailing all of the charges and wrong charges that were made to his account detailing how he had been overcharged. Yet even before his bill was due, Comcast sent it into collections. That’s when, after a year of insanity at the hands of Comcast Customer Service he called their corporate Controller’s office. This is where O’Rourke tried to swing his D around and things got weird.

On a call with someone at this office he mentioned that Comcast’s billing and accounting issues should be investigated by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board… essentially they took this as a threat. That’s when someone from Comcast called a partner at Price Waterhouse Coopers who in turn launched an ethics investigation on O’Rourke which led to his firing.

Comcast is the Cartman of Cable

O’Rourke claims that he never mentioned the name of his employer to Comcast, yet someone at the company went online, looked him up and figured out where he worked.

You might want think twice before F’ing with customer service. Even if you are right.

This could have been a story of a consumer getting the upper hand against a giant telecommunications company and giving them what they deserve in response to a customer nightmare. Unfortunately for O’Rourke it turns out that his accounting firm does business with Comcast and they weren’t about to let his little cable bill dispute ruin their relationship with a big client.  So in the end, the dons at Comcast have their hands everywhere, don’t mess with them!

Who do you side with?  Be careful with your answer.

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