How Comcast Will Drive You Insane

Remember when that guy tried to cancel his Comcast contract and the operator spent a total of 8-plus minutes debating with him as to why he wanted to cancel? And then Comcast claimed that this was just an isolated case of one rogue service representative? Yeah, that was believable. Now there are all sorts of horror stories popping up about how Comcast treats its customers. 

The latest case involves a man who moved to a new home in Nashville, Tennessee just one hour away from his old address and tried to move his Comcast account to the new address. Apparently, Comcast didn’t realize that they couldn’t reach his new address before he moved but told him it’d be no problem at all. And then the company slapped him with a fine of $2,789 for breaking the service agreement, even though he never cancelled his service and they were the ones who assured him they could move his service. Of course, Comcast waived the fee after the local news did a story on the guy and the bill that he got in the mail. They claimed extenuating services were the reason for this, which is sort of true if the extenuating circumstance is that Comcatc employees kind of suck at their jobs.

It gets even worse. Dann Furia cancelled his service (presumably after spending a day and a half explaining to the customer service rep that he just wanted to cancel the service and didn’t want faster Internet) and had to mail back his equipment. Comcast claimed they never received the stuff and sent him a bill for $360, even though he had a receipt to prove that he actually mailed the stuff back to them. This resulted in dozens of calls to the company.  why dozens?  because each time they assured him that the charge would be dropped, it showed up again, cuaisng him to calll again to get it dropped again only to have it reappear again.  Somehow it took the story going viral to get the charges to finally go away, as though maybe they were not really removing the charges at all all those times and only did so when the bad PR had snowballed to such great heights that it became int heir best interests to squash the story.  Which is just crazy, right?  Almost seems like they run their business that way. 

Anyway, Dann made this video so you too can enjoy the Comcast experience.

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