Comcast Called A Customer A Filthy Word On Their Bill

Lisa Brown of Spokane, Washington decided to downgrade her family’s Comcast cable and internet plan to save money by getting rid of their cable TV subscription. I don’t know if Lisa was aware of the insane Comcast Customer Service recording that went viral last year or of the man who Comcast had fired from his job over a bill dispute. However, before calling Comcast, all customers should listen to this as a way of “training” for what they are up against:

If I were her, I’d rather negotiate with Kim Jung Un to get rid of his nuclear weapons. He’d probably be nicer about the cable bill.

Lisa Brown says that she had a cordial conversation with a Comcast Customer Service employee and was transferred to one of their infamous “retention representatives” – the Comcast Brown Shirts. She says she was never rude while refusing their offer of a new contract.

Comcast Retention Representatives are waiting for your call!

That’s why she was shocked when she received their next Comcast Bill addressed to her husband Ricardo as:  “Asshole Brown.”

Asshole Brown? Maybe it was more of a visual description of what was in the room at Comcast Customer Service?

A lot of stores and services, such as the pharmacy, give their employees the ability to log notes about regular “problem” customers on the computer to give other employees a heads up when they are dealing with some lunatic who always has a bullshit issue to complain about. The customer is not always right; sometimes they ARE a crazy asshole like everyone else.

That does not seem to be the case here.  The “best” part of this story is at first Comcast refused to change the name back when Lisa visited her local Comcast office to tell them her husband’s name is not “Asshole.” I’m thinking customers need to start hiring mafia henchmen to negotiate with Comcast employees.

 We all understand where this power comes from. After all what are they going to do?

The Brown family got help from a consumer advocate who wrote about the incident on his website. This finally got Comcast’s attention.

Because they truly care and are not just doing this because of the negative publicity, Comcast apologized to the Browns and are fixing the name on the bill, firing the employee responsible, giving them a REFUND for the two years of service they already paid for AND an additional two more years of free service. Awesome!

Now when they try to cancel again in two years they can look forward to being called “Dick Brown.”

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Source: Business Insider