Comcast Remains Evil, Cashes An Old Lady’s Rent Check

Comcast seems to be on some kind of mission to become the most hated organization since the record company that first gave Nickelback a recording contract. They aren’t just satisfied with being the most disliked company with the lowest customer service rating out of every industry in the country. They seem to be going out of their way to prove that you can get a negative numerical customer service rating by hiring insane people to manage their help lines, mismanaging billing records, and even calling their customers names on the actual bill

Now they’ve found a way to be an even bigger group of bastards by cashing a check accidentally sent to them and refusing to send the money back until the media heard about it. 

Francis Wilson, a 79-year-old grandmother living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, accidentally mailed her rent check to Comcast along with the $20 check that she usually sends to the cable company every month. Comcast, however, failed to notice the mistake even though the check wasn’t addressed to them. So instead of sending it back or just not cashing it, they went ahead and cashed her $235 check anyway along with the $20 check. When Wilson noticed the mistake and realized she wouldn’t have enough money to pay the rent because she lives on Social Security checks, the company refused to send the money back to her and simply credited it to her Comcast account. 

So Wilson told her local TV news station about the problem and they were able to get Comcast to issue an apology and an assurance that they would return the money to Francis so she could pay her rent. 

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Taking money from a little old lady and refusing to give it back is one of the meanest things anyone can do, even if it was an accident. At this point, the only way Comcast can top themselves is if one of their cable technicians stabs a customer during a call. Of course, that will never happen because the technician would have to actually show up in order to stab someone.